Endurance Volunteers

Position Description:

Volunteers working Endurance and recruited prior to competition day typically are the flaggers on track. Flaggers for this event should have some form of motorsports background, understanding of what the flags mean and when/how to display them as well as where to be looking when on course.

Flaggers will also each have a radio and be responsible for calling in towing assists or other required assistance on course such as medical calls. These volunteers should also be comfortable providing instructions to other volunteers around them as they will be serving as that flagging station lead.

Other course volunteers will be responsible for assisting stuck vehicles on course obstacles if needed and when safe to assist. Volunteers will also be responsible for removing any debris which may be hazardous to oncoming cars again when safe to do so.

Endurance event will operate on final day of competition.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience:

Volunteers should have a general familiarity with motor vehicles and be comfortable around moving vehicles. In addition, feel confident they can operate course safety as instructed by Event Captain.

Orientation and Training:

Onsite training led by the Event Captain.

Work Conducted:

via onsite

Time Commitment:

1 day

SAE Members only:

Membership not required.