Revised Cost Report Submission Guide Available

3/17/2022 2:23:50 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

Several teams have asked about how the cost submission process works, so Baja SAE Cost has created a detailed step-by-step instruction set to help clarify how to submit your cost report and any addendums.

New this year, the system will allow teams to make continual changes to your submitted vehicle up to 7 days prior to each competition you are registered to attend. Teams must make the changes 1 week out from the competition. That means you need to submit all your final costs changes on or before the seventh (7th) day from the start date of the competition you plan to attend to ensure your cost changes are saved and automatically included in our Smart Addendum feature, we are launching for 2022. Teams will not need to submit anything else prior to competition. The cost report module will automatically take a vehicle snapshot and finalize the Smart Addendum for teams at exactly 12:00 AM Eastern Time exactly 7 days prior to each competition you are registered to attend.

*Friendly suggestion would be to ensure you have all your cost changes uploaded on the 8th day prior to competition to ensure it is captured and saved.

Details can be found in the revised Cost Report Submission Guide – Version 2, now available in Series Resources under Cost Event Resources.