2019 Baja SAE Rules Released

9/11/2018 3:30:58 PM   BajaSAE Series

Welcome to Baja SAE® 2019!

The 2019 Baja SAE ruleset is available now for download under Series Resources (www.bajasae.net/go/downloads)!

Each year, the Rules Committee strives to manage and update competition rules that are easy to understand, and that present students of all engineering disciplines and levels of experience with relevant real-world challenges.

The 2019 Baja SAE Rules Committee has put in an incredible amount of effort and work, clarifying, updating and making this document a better working piece.

For 2019, changes were made to the rules improve clarity for key items identified during 2018 technical inspection. Based on experience and data from 2018, rule changes include added clarity for frame requirements, added options for harness mounting, and tighter requirements for throttle cable function and for vehicle identification. These changes are made with the goal of continuously improving safety and from customer feedback to improve the technical inspection experience. Finally, clarification and editorial changes were made, including improved figures and tables.

While a few rules have changed, your team’s goal remains the same: to design, build, and demonstrate your design of an off-road vehicle for a fictional manufacturing firm. As always, read and reread the rules.

We have an exciting competition year ahead of us. I hope you’re up to the challenge and have assembled a dedicated team. As you know it takes volunteers and sponsors to make these events happen. In addition, the third piece is you, the team. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at the competition!

Baja SAE® 2019 - List of Rule Changes

Caution: The following is not an exhaustive list of the rule changes. Neither this list of updates and changes nor any summary is a substitute for thoroughly reading and understanding the rules. Teams should regularly check www.bajasae.net/go/news for news and updates.

Teams are required to read and comprehend the rules. Read the rules early and often.

B.3 - Multiple clarifications, updated figures
B.3.2 - Normalized roll cage system terminology
B.3.2.1 - Added detail to definition of a butt joint
B.3.2.3 - Non-circular secondary members are now permitted
B.3.2.11 - Added wider range of mounting options for USM
B. - Explicit callout of required minimum excess harness webbing
B. - Added more options for anti-submarine belt mounting
B.6.7 - Splash shields must be metallic
B.7.2.3 - Tightened requirements for throttle cable function
B.8.7.1 - Added clarification for steering linkage shielding
B.8.8.4 - Added figures for fire extinguisher mounting
B.9.1 - Improved distinction between finger protection and guarding
B.10.3 - Added requirements for cockpit kill switch
B.13.2 - Added more information about transponders
B.13.3 - Tightened requirements for vehicle numbers
B.13.6 - Added requirements for RFID tags